Sinliplas are heavy investors in the latest state-of-the-art technology to reduce manual work and wastage while increasing quality consistency, productivity and cost-affectiveness.

Our line of extrusion machines is able to manufacture a wide range of plastic bags, sheetings and films, according to customized specifications.

Sinliplas are able to handle high quality process colour printing with our line of spohisticated, high speed roto-gravure printers. We can provide process colour printing up to 8 colours.

These high-end printers are equipped with a modern auto-registration system and high speed mechanism to ensure excellent quality every time. We have invested in world-class converting lines to meet our customers’ varied and demanding requirements including:

• Customized high-speed slitters
• Fashion bag lines
• Medical polysleeves & bag lines
• Kitchen bag & Mizukiri bag lines
• Garbage bag / refuse sack lines
• Slit Seal products lines
• Other customized products

printibng converting
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